The Outlaws | Sellersville Theater 1894

The Outlaws’ self titled album with songs like “There Goes Another Love Song,” “Knoxville Girl” and especially “Green Grass & High Tides” was a favorite of my youth.  These songs still sound great some 40 years later, especially when performed live at my favorite venue, Sellersville Theater!  It is not just The Outlaws’ dual lead guitars and four part harmonies that set them apart from other southern rock bands. What also set them apart is their strong work ethic and a genuine concern for how they leave an audience feeling.  During sound check, I once saw them discuss and repeatedly practice the final two bars of a particular song.  They discussed where the song would be in the set list and what mood they wanted to leave the audience feeling at that moment in the show.  I was fascinated by the attention to detail.  It’s that attention to detail that always results in a polished, top-notch performance leaving fans like me feeling very happy and very satisfied.  Come lip sync their songs with me when The Outlaws return on Sat, Oct 8th!

Dawn Slade
General Manager
Sellersville Theater 1894