Q&A With Caveman Vince Valentine

“Cavemen has set my radar on high,” says comedian Vince Valentine as he discusses Defending The Caveman, the blockbuster comedic play The Boston Globe calls “perceptive, witty, so sweetly understanding, you can’t help feeling exhilarated.” The Philly native brings the updated play, or as he calls it, “Caveman 2.0,” to Sellersville Theater for two lively performances on Saturday, July 8.

“You can be on your first date or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary,” Valentine states when describing the long running, one man play he has been a part of since 2004. “Everyone is going through the same things in their relationship and through humor, Caveman lets you know you’re not the only one.”

No stranger to the stage or camera, Valentine has been performing since the age of 11. He has headlined at comedy clubs up and down the east coast as a stand up comic and as part of humorous productions including The Soapranos (an interactive parody of the popular HBO series), Joey And Maria’s Italian Wedding and The Godfathers’ Meshuggener Wedding. Philadelphia residents also will recognize him for his participation in WMMR’s Philly’s Last Comic Standing and as a member of the Sketch Comedy Troupe Skitzoids that performs regularly at the celebrated Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Talking in more detail about the play, Valentine shares, “since day one, we Cavemen were encouraged to make the show our own. All of the names I use in the show are based on real people in my life. When I reference my friend Lou, I envision a conversation with my friend Lou Galdo. And if you happen to actually know Lou, it makes that segment in the show 1000 times funnier.”

The media have embraced Defending The Caveman since it made its debut on Broadway in 1995. “Defending The Caveman is a nationwide comic phenomenon,” says New York Times. “Laugh out loud funny,” claims Sacramento Bee. “Your face hurts from laughing so hard,” affirms Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The play, written and originally performed by Rob Becker, has been translated for nearly twenty languages and to date has been performed in 45 countries. “Women think they are coming to a Broadway show, which they are,” confirms Valentine, “while men think they’re coming to a Stand Up Show, which they are.”

Asked about what it is like performing for hometown crowds, Valentine says, “it keeps me on my game. There’s no fooling Philly audiences, just ask any pro athlete who’s ever played here. Philly fans and audiences are smart, informed and aware. And if you think you’re gonna mail one in, they will call you on it.”

Excited about returning to Sellersville Theater, Valentine comments, “ST94 is always a great space to perform, the cabaret tables in the first few rows and the sharply raked seats make the theater very intimate. It’s really ideal for Caveman. And I love to see the set lists of all the bands that have played there pinned to the walls of the dressing room.”

A music fan himself, Valentine’s current playlist includes a mixture of old and new. “My playlists are all over the place, literally, every genre. It goes in spurts. Right now, I’m doing a lot Sinatra, Foo Fighters, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (their ‘Under the Covers’ albums are great) Marvin Gaye, U2, Carol King, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Soundtrack to Book of Mormon, The Eagles, Bruno Mars, Diana Washington and Chicago, Biggie, The Stylistics, Steely Dan, Mary J., and 10,000 Maniacs.”

Tickets for Defending The Caveman are available now at ST94.com.