Don’t Miss Terrance Simien

Sellersville Theater 1894 has invited Members and guests to join us in celebrating our 15th Anniversary all year long. With more than 180 performances already enjoyed by patrons since January, ST94 continues to deliver on the promise of bringing quality music and comedy to the area.

Family programming has long been an important element of entertainment at ST94. Be it local theater groups or nationally recognized entertainers, ST94 curates unique artists that families can enjoy at all ages. This Sunday, two time Grammy Award winner Terrance Simien brings his multi-cultural Zydeco Experience!

The first of Simien’s double shot of performances is a matinee presentation of his groundbreaking music program titled “Creole For Kids.” “Creole For Kids” was created in 2001 to elevate the story of the origins and historical significance of Zydeco music and the people who created it.

“Every year we reach thousands of kids,” says Simien. “It’s the type of music that’s fun and energetic so they really get into it. The history behind it connects with a lot of different cultures.”

The hour long educational performance features Simien, himself an educator and cultural embassador, and his band colorfully chronicling the roots of the music he has loved and performed for more than 34 years. Considered by many as one of the genre’s most gifted performers, the Louisiana native has received numerous awards, grants and global recognition for his artistic and musical contributions to Creole heritage and Zydeco music.

Rolling Stone Magazine calls Simien a “Zydeco master.” The multi-instrumentalist has been featured in TV, movies and commercials and has contributed to multiple soundtracks including “The Lucky One” and Disney’s Oscar nominated “The Princess And The Frog.”

Tickets are still available for “Creole For Kids” matinee and for the evening performance at our Box Office or online at

– Written by Paula Hogan