Pick Of The Week: The Bobs

For the members of The Bobs, their 30 year musical expedition is nearing completion. Set to make a stop at Sellersville Theater on their final run of dates, the Seattle based a-cappella favorites bring their Grammy nominated music to local fans one last time.

The Bobs are the original “band without instruments.” NPR calls their performances a “display of vocal acrobatics,” while Seattle Times likens their eclectic sound to a Gary Larson drawing. “They are nothing less than sensational,” adds Los Angeles Daily News.

Renditions of “Helter Skelter” and “Psycho Killer” populate the band’s recording legacy, one that spans sixteen albums and two “Best Of” collections. They have been known to break tradition. 1985’s ‘Plugged’ includes actual instruments, that is if you count toy drums as more than a child’s beloved gizmo. The band’s most recent album ‘Biographies’ is the band’s first and only concept album. It features songs about famous and some not so famous historical figures. On its release in September of 2013, the band shared, “in some way, shape or form each song tells the life story of some notables throughout history. Also some obscure persons who will become notables after the record comes out.”

Citing location and logistics as the main reason they are retiring, The Bobs will conclude their touring history but plan to continue their musical activities.

The Bobs’ return to ST94 gives fans a closing opportunity to sing along with the celebrated band. Won’t you join? Tickets are available now at ST94.com.

– Written by Paula Hogan